The Trap

Life is beautiful until you get the things you want. Have you ever thought, why people want things? And Why people like the things they want?


If you haven’t thought about this take a few minutes and think why people like things and why people want those?

The answer is, people like the things which bring them happiness.

$19 Million Worth Bugatti La Voiture Nore

Let’s assume someone like the latest Bugatti La Voiture Noire car, which costs $19 million. If he owns this car he will be really happy right? So according to most of the people, the car has made him happy.

But there’s one slight issue in that. Take same age person like him who even doesn’t get enough food to survive. Do you think if this car is given as a present to him will he be happy? No, all he wants is to eat something to survive, right?

This tells you one important fact. The car or the things in the world doesn’t have happiness within them. If it does, then the hungry man should also feel the happiness with that car. But for him, the car is useless, because it doesn’t satisfy his needs.

Therefore if you think happiness is something that comes from external things like the most expensive car. But no you are wrong. It comes within you. However, you are fooled to think that happiness came from external things like cars.

Now think deep, if the happiness is not coming from the external things, then what are we doing? Why are we seeking happiness or satisfaction from the things in the external world? It can be from a car, it can be from your partner or your children, your qualification, your job or from the properties you want to buy. Because we think those bring happiness to us, which is not. Satisfaction is within ourselves and we get fooled, thinking external things give us the satisfaction.

So if you keep running after things thinking to be satisfied, think twice before doing it again. Because the joy you get when owning things is a bait. And when you feel the joy you are trapped. That trap keeps you running after things in the world thinking you will be satisfied someday which will never ever happen.

The bait is a trap

It doesn’t matter whether you know or you don’t know that it is a bait, if you pick it, you are trapped.

In summary, the trap of life is “Expecting happiness or satisfaction from external things and parties”. Why it’s the trap? Because, if happiness or satisfaction is something that external things give, then everyone should be happy with the same thing as everyone quenches their thirst with water. But it’s not. Therefore don’t look the happiness or satisfaction in external things, because it’s in you. If you do then you are trapped..!



Life is a race of seeking satisfaction, but we are seeking it in the wrong place.

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Theory of Satisfaction

Life is a race of seeking satisfaction, but we are seeking it in the wrong place.